Lawyer's participation in reconciliation

Lawyer's participation in reconciliation

In accordance with the provisions of the current legislation, a lawyer is given the status of an independent professional adviser dealing with legal issues. As part of providing legal assistance to the client, the lawyer pays special attention to the prevention of litigation, for this reason, if necessary, the lawyer can use alternative procedures aimed at reaching consensus on the disputed issue.


One of these methods is reconciliation between the interested parties, involving the coordination of interests, the search for options for resolving existing differences, the designation of permissible concessions. In reconciliation, the lawyer acts as a liaison between the parties, all his efforts are aimed at reaching an agreement between the parties that will facilitate the resolution of the dispute without prejudice to them.


The following types of conciliation procedures are reflected in the law:

  • Negotiations;
  • Mediation;
  • Settlement agreement;
  • Mediation.


The participation of a lawyer in reconciliation implies the commission of actions aimed at defending the interests of the client, while attention is paid to finding a way to resolve the dispute between the parties on the terms that will be approved by the principal. To do this, the lawyer, within the framework of the conciliation procedure, provides the client with legal advice and recommendations, establishes interaction on behalf of the principal with representatives of the other party, offers the other party conditions that will help settle the dispute, and takes actions aimed at resolving the dispute with minimal negative consequences for the client.


There are several conciliatory ways, through negotiations between the parties, in which the mediator takes part.

These methods include mediation, facilitation and reconciliation. It is important to note that each of the presented procedures has its own distinctive features in terms of practical implementation.


During facilitation, the lawyer acts as a neutral party, in other words, the specialist is not interested in defending the interests of a particular party, his job is to assist in the preparation and conduct of negotiations.


Within the framework of mediation, a lawyer is engaged in organizing and conducting negotiations, while the parties must approve his participation in this process.


Among the functions of a lawyer acting as a mediator, one can distinguish:

  • Participation in discussions between the parties;
  • Getting information on existing issues;
  • Designation of the advantages of dispute settlement to the parties;
  • Separate meetings with each of the parties;
  • Additional actions aimed at achieving a settlement agreement between the parties on acceptable terms with minimal risks.


Within the framework of reconciliation, the lawyer highlights the solution of tasks related to the development and presentation of possible dispute resolution options to the parties for familiarization. The conciliator has many powers, acting as intermediaries between the parties, while they independently control the course of the process and its result. The parties have every right to support or reject the lawyer's proposal.


Our board employs specialists with a high level of qualification and many years of experience, which allows them to successfully conduct conciliation procedures between the parties in the framework of resolving legal disputes. Contacting our lawyers is the best option for those who want to achieve a settlement agreement on favorable terms for themselves, we, in turn, are ready to guarantee a high-quality result regardless of the complexity of the issue.


Within the framework of mediation, our lawyers fulfill their obligations, act as a neutral party, assist in reaching an agreement between the parties. By contacting us, clients receive favorable terms of cooperation, one of which is a significant saving on court costs, which allows them to save money and at the same time get a high-quality and predictable result.

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