In the process of implementing social relations that develop in various spheres of our life, controversial issues often arise between the participants (subjects of relations). The consequences for one of the parties, as a result of resolving such issues, can be extremely unfavorable. 

In particular, such adverse consequences include:

- collection of penalties, penalties (penalties) in court;

- carrying out inspections and making prescriptions (submissions) by various state control (supervision) bodies;

- bringing to responsibility.

The best way to resolve a disputed issue and exclude the possibility of adverse consequences for one of the parties is mediation.

Mediation is an alternative method, including pre-trial resolution and settlement of a dispute and (or) disagreement between the subjects of legal relations, with the participation of an intermediary (mediator). 

The principles on the basis of which this method of resolving disputes is implemented are:

- voluntary;

- equality of the parties;

- neutrality, impartiality of the mediator;

- privacy.

Mediation is carried out in the form of negotiations and consultations, where the mediator, being a disinterested person, acts as profitably as possible to meet the interests of both parties. 

It is worth noting that one of the features of the mediation method in the settlement of disputed relations is the active role of the mediator in choosing a certain solution to the disputed issue, while leaving full control of the decision-making process and the conditions for their resolution to the parties to the dispute.

Mediation technology is, as a rule, an alternative pre-trial way to resolve disputes, but such a mechanism can be used at the stage of judicial investigation, as well as at the stage of execution of a court decision. 

Such a tool of pre-trial dispute settlement as mediation is well applicable in civil legal relations, family legal relations, inheritance legal relations, housing legal relations, land disputes, economic and entrepreneurial spheres of activity. 

This method of pre-trial settlement is the most popular and effective in the world. 

At the same time, this method of dispute resolution will save the parties from expensive and protracted lawsuits, the outcome of which, as a result, may not always satisfy the interests of the conflicting parties.

Of course, the best mediator in resolving disputes and disagreements is a person with knowledge in the field of jurisprudence. The key to success in achieving a successful outcome of resolving a disputed issue through mediation can be the right choice of a mediator in the negotiation process between the conflicting parties.

 Our lawyers, who are qualified specialists and professionals in the field of jurisprudence, having extensive experience in negotiation processes of various kinds and nature, are ready to act as a mediator (mediator) in the process of resolving disputes and conflict situations, with which  You, or; Your organization has collided. 

The participation of lawyers and lawyers of our board in dispute resolution, through the use of such a dispute resolution mechanism as mediation, will help you:

- determine the essence of the problem that caused the disagreement of the parties;

- predict a possible scenario for the development of a controversial situation;

- analyze options for ending the conflict;

- identify ways to resolve it;

- choose the most appropriate dispute resolution option that meets the interests of both parties;

- directly participate in negotiation processes.

By choosing a mediator from among our lawyers and lawyers, to resolve a disputable situation, you are likely to be able to achieve the most positive result for yourself or your organization, without resorting to protracted litigation and saving your time and money.

By contacting our board, we will be happy to provide you with a service for the pre-trial settlement of a disputed issue, as well as disagreements between the parties, since resolving conflicts at the negotiation stage is the most advantageous form in achieving goals for both sides.

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