Hereditary disputes

Hereditary disputes

In order to protect yourself, relatives, friends, we advise you to contact an inheritance lawyer. This will avoid large financial losses.

When hereditary disputes arise

If relatives cannot come to an understanding or you feel that someone is trying to hide the true state of affairs, you are afraid of being left without inheritance, but you are confident in your rightness and want to get confirmation - act. Inheritance disputes are your guaranteed right to defend your interests in court.

When inheriting rights, the following controversial points most often arise:

  • Difficulties in determining the proportion of family members.
  • Time is being delayed, the deadlines set by the legislation are not being met.
  • One of the relatives is trying to recognize the applicant as an illegitimate heir.

In these and other cases, we advise you to contact a lawyer.

By entrusting family disputes to professionals, you will forget about your problem.

Services provided by an inheritance lawyer:

  • Legal advice. Its purpose is to determine the prospects of inheritance of rights.
  • Legal examination of documents, identification and confirmation of inaccuracies.
  • Peaceful settlement of family disputes.
  • Drafting a claim for filing in court, representing the client's interests in court.
  • Challenging prisoners in determining the roles of the parties to the dispute.
  • Identification of inaccuracies in the preparation of documents, ensuring the interests of clients.
  • Analysis of the current legal status of the property and inclusion.
  • Assistance of a lawyer in the seizure of property.
  • Appeal of court decisions.

In these and other cases, an inheritance lawyer will help solve the problem, consult. Consultations are provided orally, in writing. There is a turnkey inheritance registration service, protection of your interests. We have affordable prices for the services of a lawyer. Fill out the feedback form and we will send you a price list with individual discounts.

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